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24 August 2013 @ 02:31 pm
Title: He Felt the Sun’s...
Author: geniebsmart
Rating: PG
Fandom: EXO
Pairing/Focus: Chanyeol, Kris
Summary: The sun from two completely different perspectives.
Author’s Notes: This drabble is more about symbolism than a solid plot. I had a lot of contradictory feelings these past few weeks, especially about hope, so I wrote a drabble to reflect those feelings. Special thanks to saphirediva for betaing this drabble! I hope you all enjoy :) BTW, I haven’t given up on 365 to GAME XD *bricked*

Today, with his outstretched hand, Chanyeol felt the sunrise.Collapse )
29 June 2013 @ 10:51 am
Title: Flammable
Rating: pg-13
Genre: Fantasy, Tragedy
Focus: Chansung
Fandom: 2PM
Summary: Anything burns.
Author's note: Hello! Here is a fic I wrote for kpop-olymfics. Hope you enjoy!

10 June 2013 @ 12:08 am
Title: 365 to GAME
Author: geniebsmart
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Suspense/Action/Fantasy/Supernatural
Fandom: EXO (other fandoms will guest star in future chapters)
WARNINGS: Nothing for this prologue, but there will definitely be warnings for future chapters.
Summary: A bizarre blood war was already taking place in the shadows within and outside the walls of XOXO Academy. However, things become even more strange when a string of seemingly random murders are brought to daylight, threatening to expose the blood war to the public and some shocking secrets of certain students at the academy. Everyone tries to decipher the mysteries of the murders and other strange incidents...before another great tragedy occurs.
Author's Note: WELP. It's official: I am crazy XD This fic idea has been swimming in my head since the teaser fics for Wolf were released. Plus, ideas for the OST for this story will not get out of my head, soooooooooo here I am haha! I hope you will enjoy.

Red.Collapse )
Title: Stolen and Dazed: Prologue
Author geniebsmart
Rating: PG
Pairing/Focus: Minho-centric, SHINee
Summary: Who would ever thought that the dream could kidnap reality...literally.

Stolen and Dazed: PrologueCollapse )
13 November 2012 @ 05:55 pm
Author: geniebsmart
Title: Waves
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Characters/Pairings: Suho-centric
Author's Notes: Well it's been a while =___= Busy haha! I apologize to my friend for whom this fanfic is written. It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here! :D I hope you all enjoy. If not, I will work harder for the next fic. Happy reading!


WavesCollapse )

19 April 2012 @ 10:29 pm
Author: geniebsmart
Title: Waiting
Rating: G
Characters: Kai, Taemin (could be a pairing if you squint really really really hard)
Genre: General (I stink at picking genres OTL LOL)
Word Count: 657 words
Summary: Kai waits for something to find its way to him.
Author's Note: What up, guys? Back with another drabble. I based this fic off of one of the songs in fanmix Skeleton Boys put together by nebulaa, which can be found here
Hope you guys enjoy! :D Happy reading!


Every beat. Every pause. Every pop. Every flow. All of it swirled and connected to form a communication line to the one observing the performance. The other viewed the movements with a keen eye, absorbing the message of the dancing body language. Kai couldn't help but to feel uplifted whenever he saw Taemin dance. There was something inspirational about it. About him. Kai's eyes became downcast, starting to feel a tremendous gap between him and the other boy. Taemin has been dancing and performing much longer than him despite their similar ages, and that fact showed clearly right before his eyes. Kai would pop. Taemin would pop harder. Kai would jump. Taemin would jump higher. By the end of the day, Kai always felt like Taemin was a gazillion steps ahead of him. Oddly enough, he felt no jealousy towards his friend. Just...sad. Sad that he would never quite reach that same mark. Even so, something inside told Kai to never give up.

Ironic that Taemin's dancing both saddened and inspired him.

Kai jumped slightly when he felt something press against his right shoulder. When he was fully aware of his surroundings, he realized that the music had stopped playing and looked up to see Taemin's smiling down at him. 

"Your turn."

If only he knew how intimidating that seemed to Kai's ears. Kai got up on his feet and stepped to the center of thesmall dance studio, waiting for the next song to play. He and Taemin would always freestyle to random songs that showed up on the radio and/or media players. Kai closed his eyes and tried to find his place in his mind...

"Waiting for something to..."

He remained still for a moment, allowing the repeated lyrics to seep into his senses. Almost without knowing it, his arms moved almost in a hesistating manner. Almost like even they did not know what to quite do. What am I waiting to do?

"Waiting for something to find its way to you."

There's was something...magical about those lyrics. Kai was sure of it because his eyes automatically opened and his body jerked into a smooth wave. 


His hand raised to point at himself in the mirror.

"Waiting for something to find its way to you...you..."

The magic worked its way from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head. When the main beat came in, Kai wasn't in the dance studio anymore. He was completely lost in the rhythm of pulsating bass and soft synths. Somewhere during his hypnotic state, Kai realized something important. Just as quickly as the realization was there, it was gone with the loud kick and snare. The energy surged and flowed without limit through Kai's veins as he moved and locked with the music, never catching a break.

The music stopped abruptly. Kai stopped as well but was still caught up in the after effects of the trance.

Once again, Kai's reality descended upon him little by little until he was fully returned to the small dance studio. He was staring at the mirror with a confused look on his face. It wasn't that he didn't know where he was and wondered why he was there. He was more concerned by the small streaks under his eyes. Had he been crying while he was dancing? Kai became even more shocked when he stared at what was going on behind him through the mirror.

Taemin was smiling...and had his own streaks under his eyes.

"You know..."

Kai turned to look as Taemin's slightly wavering voice entered the room.

"I was a little worried I lost you a while ago, Kai. Good to know that 'you' are still there."

Kai slowly smiled when the words started making sense to him.

Kai had been waiting for something to find its way to him...
Only to realize it was there inside him this whole time...

Author: geniebsmart

Title:  I’ll Be Your Angel, So Don’t Cry

Rating: G

Genre: General, Fluff

Characters: Luhan, Sehun

Summary: Sehun gets an unexpected visit that will change his life forever.

Author’s Note: OMG guys! My very first EXO fic ;A; Nervous LOL! This fic is for jaerotic. Hope you like angel!Luhan, dear <3 Everyone, hope you enjoy as well :D Happy reading!

I'll Be Your Angel, So Don't CryCollapse )

07 April 2012 @ 10:29 pm

Author: geniebsmart
Title:  Can’t Sleep
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Characters: Onew, Taemin
Summary: Taemin can’t go to sleep, and Onew has to find a way to help him.
Author’s Note: Wow, it has been a while, guys! Good to be back in the fanfic drive ^o^ For those who read and follow, forgive me for not updating recently. I should be doing that more often though. I have a lot of things in store, but for now, I hope you all enjoy this short little fic. Written for nickymin (I hope you like this :| I tried lol). Un-betaed. OTL


“Hyung, I’m sleepy but can’t sleep.”

Onew glanced up from his book to look at the other boy sprawled across the mattress. “That makes no sense, Taemin-ah.”

Taemin pouted at Onew’s words. “makes all the sense in the world.” Taemin tried to wiggle further under the covers, hoping the action will solve his dilemma . “Well, if you’re sleepy, you’re sleepy. Just sleep.” Taemin sat up with a “what the heck” expression written clearly on his face. “Don’t you think I tried that, hyung?” Taemin whined.

The older one sighed. This has been going on for weeks now. Every single night, Taemin would complain that he couldn’t sleep. The boy would toss, turn, flip, kick, and any other restless verb in bed. He would sometimes walk to the window and stare outside to see the stars. Maybe asking them for advice to enter the realm of sleep. Taemin would make frequent trips to the kitchen for warm milk. Key noticed that their grocery bill had went up a tab and that the garbage can was filled with more milk cartons than usual.

Jonghyun noticed that some of his books and CDs would disappear briefly, only to be returned close to night time and exchanged for something else out of his library. He figured Taemin had something to do with that as well. After Taemin’s behavior began to happen more constantly, everyone in the dorm grew more concerned. They all tried different tactics to get Taemin to go to sleep. Minho even went out of his way to read the younger boy a bedtime story. As much as Taemin appreciated the effort, he was more annoyed than sleepy when Minho was just barely a third into the story. Taemin was so relieved when he heard the words “The End.” When Taemin’s non-sleeping behavior didn’t show signs of letting up soon, everyone figured something must be really wrong. Thus, enter Onew, who was now lounging in a chair near Taemin’s bed, reading a book titled “100 Ways to Fall Asleep.” Hey, he needed all the help he could get.

“Asleep yet?” Onew asked lazily. “What do you think?” groaned Taemin. “Is something going on that I need to know about?” Again, lazily. It wasn’t that Onew didn’t care. It was the opposite actually.

“I can’t sleep,” Taemin groaned again.

“Wow, that’s a newsflash.” Onew couldn’t help but let the sarcasm drip from his voice. Taemin sat up again in annoyance.
“What is your plan? Tick me off to sleep?” Onew chuckled a little. “I haven’t seen that method in  this book…yet.” Taemin rolled his eyes and fell back into this pillow. Onew took a discreet look over at Taemin to see if he fell asleep yet. Nope, wide awake still.

“Taemin, has someone been teasing you at school?”


“Grades bad?”


“Bad romance?”

“Lame joke, and no.”

“Are you stressed about something?”

“…Not really.”

There’s some progress, thought Onew.

“Is it the comeback?”


“The check-up at the doctor’s this week?”

“NO! What am I? Two?”

“You’re acting like it,” grumbled Onew. “What you say, hyung?” Taemin barely caught Onew’s hushed words.

“I said I can’t help you if you’re making me play the guessing game.”

“You did not say all that!”

“It was the same translation. Now out with it! What’s wrong?”

By this time, Onew closed his book and completely faced the bed. Taemin inwardly groaned. He fidgeted under the bedsheets while he mumbled something incoherent under his breath. “What did you say, Taemin?” It was Onew’s turn to inquire about mumbled words.

“I…miss home.”

Onew raised his eyebrows at the answer. It was not uncommon for Taemin to miss home, so why was the boy losing sleep now? Onew leaned over a bit to say something but was suddenly greeted by Taemin’s back. “Yah~why are you turning your back on me?”

No answer.

“There’s something else, Taemin.”

Taemin knew that was not a question. Taemin also knew that Onewwould glare a big huge hole in his back all night it it meant getting an answer out of him. Taemin didn’t want to play that game tonight.

“It’s my brother,” Taemin spoke softly. He paused to see if Onew would say anything.


Taemin took it as a cue to continue. “He hasn’t been feeling well. I feel bad that I can’t be there.”

Ah~so this is what the sleeplessness was all about. Onew sighed. “Taemin, why didn’t you tell anyone?”

Taemin shrugged his shoulders. “It’s family stuff. It’s not necessarily your guys’ business.”

Onew cringed when he heard those words. True, by the end of the day, all five members of SHINee were “collegues.” However, he sincerely believed they all had a bond more personal than that, even close to family.

“Besides,” Taemin continued. “I thought you guys would think I was over-worrying or something.”

Onew laughed out loud. “Over-worrying? I don’t think you could over-worry more than Key and me, no matter what.” Taemin turned to look at his hyung. The man did have a point…

“Listen, when one of us is worried about something, we should help each other as much as possible. However, that can happen only if you give us an idea of what’s going on. Then, we can get to the root of the problem and work from there. Get what I’m saying?” Onew explained himself as best as he could, hoping Taemin really did understand. Taemin looked away for a moment as if contemplating whether to accept Onew’s words or not. The older boy reached out his hand and rested it on top of Taemin’s head. “You don’t even have to tell us every single detail. Just give us an idea. We’re here for you.” Taemin slowly nodded his head, feeling some of the heaviness leave his chest. “I’ll try,” the maknae responded.  Onew ruffled Taemin’s hair playfully. “Not try. Do.” Onew laughed when Taemin stuck his tongue out at him. Didn’t matter how old he would get, Taemin would always be a bit kiddish. “Now can you go to sleep?” Taemin frowned a bit at Onew’s question. “I don’t know.” Onew smiled softly and stood up. “I’ll help you out.”

He pushed the sheets up to Taemin’s chin, tucking him into bed. “Twinkle twinkle little star~”

Taemin snickered. Was Onew really going to sing this song? Really? The younger boy thought it was completely silly until the words started blurring together.

Finally, after weeks of restless nights, and somewhere between the last lines of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and Onew’s hushed “goodnight,” Taemin fell into a peaceful sleep.

Title: Shuffle Time Challenge - Drabble Set #2
Author: geniebsmart
Rating: PG, PG-13
Genre: AU, General, Friendship, Romance, Mystery, etc. etc.
Focus: Taecyeon
Other Characters: 2PM, Sohee, Lucy (Fairy Tail)
Length: Drabble (a collection of drabbles to be exact)
Summary: A collection of drabbles written in response to the "Shuffle Time Challenge." This time is my second go at this challenge :D
Author's Note: It has been a long time coming; I did the challenge again! :D I don't know if I did better this time around or not, BUT I am content with some of the results. I was surprised that I actually went over the required ten (10) drabbles LOL! I ended up writing 13 of them xD (I lost track of time). If you want to read the first collection I did, go here. You can also see the rules for the challenge there if you want to try it yourselves! Let me know if you do ^^ Hope you all enjoy this next crazy batch of randomness! <3 haha! Thanks for reading!

WARNING: Drabbles written under crazy conditions are here.Collapse )
10 December 2011 @ 12:42 am

Just when you thought was freedom was in sight, something comes along to remind you that freedom is a dream far from reach...

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